Biomasse et biodiversité forestières
  • Les enjeux politiques, économiques et juridiques
  • Quel potentiel de récolte du bois pour quelles utilisations effectives ?
  • Quelle gestion forestière pour récolter plus ?
  • Comment préserver mieux tout en récoltant plus ?
  • L'analyse et le positionnement des acteurs.
  • Pourquoi préserver mieux ?
  • Quelles relations entre « récolter plus » et « préserver mieux » ?
  • Comment préserver mieux ?
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La récolte d'arbres entiers peut réduire la productivité des forêts de seconde rotation
Par : Walmsley J.-D.
The practice of harvesting forest residues is rapidly increasing due to rising demand for renewable energy. However, major concerns have been raised about the sustainability of this practice and its net impact on productivity, in particular through negative effects on the growth of subsequent tree crops. We measured height, diameter at breast height (DBH) and tree spacing density on 23-year-old second rotation stands of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis), following whole tree harvesting (WTH - of all above ground biomass, by cable crane) or conventional stem-only harvesting (CH) of the first rotation crop. Overall, WTH reduced tree DBH by 10.3% (p = 0.017), with weaker evidence that it may have reduced height (by 8.2%, p = 0.164) and stand basal area (by 15.3%, p = 0.101). However, treatment effects differed greatly between individual blocks and, analysed separately by block, significant differences (WTH plot trees smaller than CH plot trees) were most notable in the two more exposed ...

Bois mort - Forêts vivantes -- L'importance des arbres vétérans et du bois mort pour la biodiversité
Par : World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
"In this brochure WWF describes the importance of deadwood, outlines some necessary steps for its conservation and restoration, and invites forest managers, forest owners, governments and the public to give this vitally important microhabitat a chance." [Extrait du document]

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